January 2023

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Solar, an audio drama which I very much enjoyed. I hope that there is another season of it.

The Dark is Rising, an audio drama adaptation of Susan Cooper’s novel of the same name. It was done by the BBC and the voice acting and foley/sound effects were well done. The Dark is Rising is a YA novel, so it’s not quite as serious as an adult fantasy novel, but it has a dear place in my heart and I really love that this audio adaptation exists. I may listen to it every year between Yule and 12th Night.

My Spotify playlist for January, although I’m not that into it:

A ‘deep midwinter’ playlist, for the time between Yule (December 21st) and Imbolc (February 1st), including Twelfth Night (January 2nd):


Witcher Blood Origins on Netflix: as a person who has watched the extended editions of every LOTR movie plus the hours of extra behind-the-scenes and LOVED it (multiple times), and yes I definitely read the appendices in Return of the King, I am clearly a certain kind of nerd. So I really enjoyed this 4-episode series, even though it’s kind of like director’s cut / appendix kind of content. There are two songs living in my head rent-free from the soundtrack, and I am not mad about it.

The Pale Blue Eye on Netflix: I’m not entirely sure that I enjoyed this, but what I DID enjoy is how the actor playing Edgar Allen Poe looks almost exactly like the actual Edgar Allen Poe. I had also forgotten that Poe was American, somehow. I guess his books read like they’re written by a European author? In my defense, I first read Poe’s works when I was a teenager.

True Blood on Hulu: it’s been a minute since I originally watched this and even though some of it is incredibly cringe-y (racism jokes? CIVIL WAR APOLOGETICS?? THE CONFEDERATE FLAG WTF), I do like the story itself and will be putting this on when I need to watch something that doesn’t require a lot of emotional or mental bandwidth. I discovered it on Hulu while debating whether or not I’m emotionally fortified enough to watch more of The Handmaid’s Tale. Also: Alexander Skarsgård. I’m queer af but YES PLEASE. I rest my case.


Stardew Valley VERY Expanded, a mod collection at Nexus Mods. I am enjoying it a lot. So far it works really well and is a seamless-feeling expanded game.

Haven Park on GOG: on the recommendation of a housemate, I played through this extremely adorable game. It’s along the lines of Animal Crossing, but a lot less intense, if that makes sense. I loved it.


Paths That Lead Home, my deathworker Substack:

the Infinite, my home base Substack:

The rest of my twelve days series at the Infinite:

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