My Gods: Loki, Rhiannon, Freyja

Loki: flame-hair, world-breaker, way-maker

He shows me myself.
He makes a way for me.
He calls me on my shit.
He tells me the truth in ways that I am unable to turn away from.

Hail, Loki!

Rhiannon: grief-strength, vindicated by truth, steadfast

She saved my life.
She shows me that the worst that can happen will not break me.
She quietly waits for me to realize what’s true.
Her grief is akin to my own.

Hail, Rhiannon!

Freyja: self-possession, freely gifted love, knowledge of worth

She demands that I am assured of my own worth.
She expects intimacy to be consensual.
She holds love in her hands like a living flower.
Her fierce independence is intoxicating.

Hail, Freyja!